by Beneath The Spin Light

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released July 17, 2014




Beneath The Spin Light Camano Island, Washington

4 piece pop punk band from Washington State.

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Track Name: Down, Set, Let Go!
I thought this over,(this isn't worth it) I'm trapped beneath the surface.
This hole I live in,(is filled with death and) hopeless bones I'll never fit in. I will not give up,(atleast I'm trying)
Don't shoot me down for nothing.
This lesson I've learned(is now deep under) we've made it this far,don't take this too far.

Down, set, let go (of all the things that brought u down) before I go (take all that) this tragedy won't be the end of me. Down, set, let go (take everything,take everything)

Did I slip,did I fall, did I ever see it all come down, it'll all come down.To hell with this,this is it, Will I ever see the end of this damaged soul?

I tried to run (I tried to hide) I lived my life (you ruined mine) I dug my grave (and fell inside) you really lied! (you really lied!)
Track Name: Scream

Lets turn the music up and scream until the whole world hears us, we wont back down without a fight. They may think we're full of it and we should all just quit, but we will never fall to them.


Lets take it to the top and sing with all we have, I'm tired of sitting here and wasting all my life. We'll show them what we're made of and who we are.
This is the start of something new, so scream so we can hear you!


I'm dreaming big because I can and I wont ever stop, to think about everyone else. To all the people who said that we wouldn't ever make it, all these words are meant for you.


(You've got a lot of nerve, you've got a lot of nerve)
You've got a lot of nerve to push us to the ground, I hope you see us pushing through, I hope you do!
Track Name: Throwing Punches

Today, we're gonna shut up and drive to the other side of the states. We're gonna take what we have and sell what we need for some change (for some change) Lets talk about tomorrow and talk about today, we've got some time to kill while we're all on our way.


And all we ever wanted, was a chance to make a change. To live and feel so reckless and never feel like we're to blame. Instead of throwing punches, why doesn't everyone just settle down? We all have the same dream but do you want it more, do you want it more?


We'll take all the chances we're given to have, never backing down from a chance to have a thrill, we're all just some dreamers living like its all gonna end.


We're all just a bunch of dreamers, but atleast we dream at all, atleast we dream at all (X2)
Track Name: You And I

Waking to the scent of you is all I really ever knew, and that's fine with me.
You're love it takes me to the clouds, I wont ever want to come down from this feeling that's so real, I hope it never ends.


You and I could be so much more than what they said we'd be, you're everything and so much more, I wont ever need nobody else but you, always by my side, until the very end.


Everything seems to fall in place, I hope it always stays the same, its just fine the way it is. I know I can sound a little crazy, but atleast I'm being myself, and not someone who's fake.


Late at night I close my eyes and dream about your smile, its all I ever knew. Your sweet embrace it warms my heart and I wont need no other girl but you in my heart.
Track Name: Falling Faster

I sat upon a hill and watched the days go by, it turned to months and then to years and decades past by. I never thought that all of this would be the hell its been and I don't want to be apart of it any longer.


Please stay the night, I hope that all of this will just blow over back into the past. I know that I have been a stranger these past few months but, I swear I'm changing for the better.


Now that I'm nothing but a hopeless man, I feel my heart and soul collapsing faster into the sound. I cant explain how it really feels to be so lonely and so incomplete with all the messed up things you do.


This is (my life is sinking faster) this is (my life is falling everyday)x2